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Social Networks Aren’t Just For Kids

Presidents Forum 532, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group recently had internet marketing expert Phil Calvert talk to them on how the new trends of social networking and “tweeting” are becoming relevant to business. Phil explains why ‘Social Networks aren’t just for kids’ – with a wealth of simple, practical, easy-to-implement tips, tricks and new media techniques for businesses of all sizes to build sales, credibility and trust in their Brand online.

I’d like to share with you some of his key messages:

  • Marketing via the Internet is becoming increasingly personal (read Roderick Ioerger’s blog on “Successful Social Media Marketing Requires Personal Involvement” on this subject too)
  • Put up lots of fresh content on your site to attract Google to get better rankings (Great content that is insightful and authentic. Corporate brochure-speak is not enough.)
  • We should all be “Twittering” (see – or if you’re not ready to ‘twitter’ yourself yet, read what The Guardian has to say about it here: “We Twitter. How About You“)

Peter Pritchett
Chairman, Academy Groups 5 & 32, Leaders Forum 2 and PF532

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