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A Recipe for a Successful CEO?

recipe for a successful ceoIn the report Why Global Leaders Succeed and Fail from Right Management, CEOs and Human Resources professionals were asked to rank the key skills of a CEO. The majority (92%) in both groups cited Creating a Strategic Vision as a key skill. In fact the top 5 skills are ranked in the same places by both groups.

This is the thinking of one sample of leaders. At the Academy for Chief Executives, we have our own resource of many years of CEO experience to call upon. The members of our groups are all living this role very day and must have their own views on what makes a great CEO. We’d like to hear from you, on the blog or through twitter (@academyceo) with your views on what skills and qualities make a successful CEO tick. Are they the ones set out in the table below? Are there others? Do you value some of the lower ranking skills here more highly?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Critical Skills for the CEO

Creating a Strategic Vision 92 92
Inspiring Others and Maintaining Leadership Responsibility 63 62
Developing an Accurate and Comprehensive Overview of the Business 58 55
Decision Making 57 50
Selecting and Developing Successors and Key Reports 40 40
Identifying and Focusing on Critical Priorities 33 35
Initiative to Produce Appropriate Change 30 31
Politically Astute 29 37
Collaborative 23 13
Objective Self-Assessment of Own Limitations 21 17
Technical and Business Competence/Expertise 18 19
Timely/Effective Execution 18 16
Directing, Delegating and Establishing Monitoring Systems 15 11



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