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7 Steps to increase the value & profitability of your business by Peter Sutcliffe

Martin Williams @ Shirlaws

Martin Williams

Martin Williams recently spoke to the members of our experiential learning group, Academy Group 23.  Martin facilitated a dynamic and thought-provoking session on ” 7 Steps to increase the value & profitability of your business – a new way to look at marketing“.

The session introduced members to many innovative techniques relating to marketing strategy that went far beyond the ‘run of the mill’ best practice.   Martin delivered many pragmatic models and structured steps that members felt would be of tremendous use within their own environments.

Key experiential learning points included:

  • New techniques and models for developing a market strategy;
  • A structured approach to marketing with differentiation;
  • 7 steps to maximise the value of your business;
  • 5 stages of business plus their impact on profitability;
  • Strategic link between business value and increased profitability;
  • Importance of internal structure to support revenue growth;
  • Impact of sourcing vs converting clients;
  • Creation of a compelling proposition to give market differentiation;
  • Building of a sustainable business model.

Comments/feedback  included:

“Motivation to completely re-evaluate our marketing strategy”

“Great structured approach to what we should be doing and the series of steps to take”

“Excellent models that can be practically applied to my business”

Peter Sutcliffe The Academy for Chief Executives

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe is Joint Chairman with Karen Humble for The Academy for Chief Executives North East Chief Executive Forum (Academy Group 23). To find out more about this peer group learning forum for business leaders, visit  To find out more about Martin Williams, visit

Good business leaders, like you, often feel very alone. Running a business is tough. Key decision making, company direction, clarity of strategy, personal development; it’s a huge responsibility and it’s entirely yours. Little wonder you’re sometimes sleepless in the small hours or struggling to answer those really big questions.
Who can you turn to for totally impartial advice?
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