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10 Speaker Gems for April

  1. We should not die “of something.” We should all die healthy…….but as late as possible!” (Dorian Dugmore)
  2. Perfectionism is an illness not a quality (Robyn Pearce)
  3. Your values should be moral hills you are prepared to die on! (Humphrey Walters)
  4. When giving feedback please remember to provide light not heat (Sue Cheshire)
  5. Top achievers should be looked into, not up to (David Hyner)
  6. Keep learning. You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting! (Brian Mayne)
  7. Good feedback is like snow – the softer it falls the longer it dwells and the deeper it sinks into the mind (Jessica Richards)
  8. Challenge is not resistance – think of it as legitimate concern or loyal opposition (Simon Hazeldine)
  9. Give your people time to develop – if you plant a tree you don’t pull it up by the roots to see if it is growing (David Smith)
  10. If you were 95 years old, what advice would you give yourself in this present time? (Jessica Richards)

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