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10 Speaker Gems for March

  1. Don’t stand up to your competitors, stand out from them! (Phil Jesson)
  2. Customers buy outcomes – 100 facts will not pull as well as one major benefit (Robert Clay)
  3. Remember the first rule of business – look after your most important customers before someone else does (Phil Jesson)
  4. We like people who are like us and we like people who like us (Philip Hesketh)
  5. Get the balance in life right – be a hero in your own home first (Ian Berry)
  6. Feedback isn’t the absolute truth – it is only the truth for the person delivering it (Sue Knight)
  7. The brain is like a parachute – both work best when open (Nigel Risner)
  8. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson (Philip Hesketh)
  9. Wherever you go, there you are! (Joanna Jesson)
  10. The quality of service we give the customer is influenced by the quality of service we give each other (Bankie Williams)

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