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Corporate Lifecycles

Neil Ryder delivered a most interesting and thought provoking session to CEO members of experiential business learning group LF66 recently. This talk is particularly relevant to today as we look to create the most effective, efficient pro-active and integrated businesses.

Neil RyderNeil (pictured right) outlines the roles necessary maximise the effectiveness, efficiency, and pro-active entrepreneurship of an organic organisation.

He talked in depth about the Lifecycle Stages and characteristics of a business, this really has nothing to do with time, as businesses can get stuck at a stage and never move on.

The four roles need constant revisiting to ensure they are in balance. It is this balance that keeps and develops great businesses and keeps them at their prime.

Wayne Gretzky’s (ice hockey player), quote is particularly apt, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Sandy Murray, Chairman, Leaders Forum 66 Sandy Murray,
Leaders Forum 66

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  1. I was wondering if Ryder gave appropriate acknowledgements to the individual who developed the material he presented or if he gave the impression that it was his. Just curious!

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