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Deloitte and The Academy for Chief Executives selected by Birmingham City Council to deliver second Enterprise City High Growth Project

Due to the success of the first Enterprise City High Growth Project (ECHGP) in 2008/9, Birmingham City Council has again selected Deloitte and The Academy for Chief Executives to deliver development programmes to local businesses with major growth potential. Mike Burnage, Managing Director of  The Academy for Chief Executives stated, “I am delighted that Deloitte […]

Events for Entrepreneurs by Brian Chernett

My theme this week in our blogs has been ‘entrepreneurship’ and with this in mind we have three conferences coming up which support our passion for leadership development, supporting the entrepreneur and championing the growth of the SME sector. When? Wednesday 8th September 2010 Where? Old Billingsgate, London What? Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! Running a […]

How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership by Brian Chernett

1. Leading from too far in front Some ‘visionary’ leaders believe that if they set off on a route march to the future, the rest of the team will follow and that those who are unable to do so are simply casualties of the process. What if the team genuinely have problems keeping up? … […]

Recalling a 'Useful State' to help you deal with leadership challenges by Brian Chernett

Extracted from The Entrepreneur Within by Brian Chernett published 7th June 2010 by Ecademy Press. We all face challenges and it’s natural that we may sometimes feel a little daunted, or overwhelmed by them. When we feel tired or unable to face an issue that is critical but a real challenge, wouldn’t it be great […]

CEOs: Is Your ‘Busyness’ displaying mediocrity? by Phil Jesson

When you think of your favourite leaders and imagine them at work, what is it that you see? Do you see them under a mountain of paperwork, rushing around looking concerned and anxious or do you see them looking calm and collected, with a clear desk and a clear mind? Why is it that some […]

Getting the best out of your team following a re-structure

The Academy for Chief Executives, a leading provider of experiential business learning® facilitates groups of CEOs and Managing Directors who meet together every month to network and take full advantage of peer group learning. Part of membership involves members taking their issues to the table and discussing them with their peers. At a recent meeting, […]

How understanding a horse can make you a better leader

If you have ever wondered how to improve your ability to communicate with people in your team, then consider doing what my Academy group did last week and try communicating with a horse. My group of business leaders, MDs and CEOs spent a half-day working with Lisa Brice, who is also an NLP Trainer, and […]

Learning Through Action – to Become a Better Leader

Leaders Forum 9, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the Herts, Beds, Bucks & London area) undertook some very real experiential learning during their Mid-Year Progress Review. We worked with Norman Carter, (pictured below), using a Learning Through Action process in a series of leadership and team exercises in the gardens […]

Make The Most of The People You Have

Academy Group 101, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members based in NYC, USA) recently heard international speaker and author, Vicki Schneider (see Vicki’s website at ) give a very interactive session on “Making the Most of The People You Have”. Vicki (pictured below), President of QuintEssential Performance, LLC, has been helping […]

Ten Golden Rules for Persuading Others

We all need to be persuasive to get our points of view across effectively. But are there any ‘golden rules’? Here are ten, well proven. We probably knew them already – but do we always apply them? We all have to influence and persuade others, whether at work or at home, and most of us […]