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The Wrong Target

– By Andrew B Morris When the spotlight falls on budgets it’s common practice – but not always common sense – to turn to cost-cutting and margin reduction as a short-term solution. The marketing budget is a common casualty of this misplaced thinking, especially those elements where results are harder to quantify. That often sees […]

Reinventing Marketing – Goodbye to the 4Ps

– By Andy Hanselman Every marketing professional will be familiar with the concept of the ‘marketing mix’, a recipe that was long made up of the 4 Ps – Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Some have taken to expanding this to seven or even eight Ps, while others have dropped the Ps entirely and embraced the […]

CASE STUDY: The Happy Creative

An entrepreneur and creative thinker, Karen Lambert is the founder and Managing Director of Happy Creative a strategic marketing and branding agency based in Lancashire whose brand is all about authenticity and expressing her own personality. “Happy Creative has been spreading happiness for eight years, and this year we are on a mission to spread […]

7 Steps to increase the value & profitability of your business by Peter Sutcliffe

Martin Williams recently spoke to the members of our experiential learning group, Academy Group 23.  Martin facilitated a dynamic and thought-provoking session on ” 7 Steps to increase the value & profitability of your business – a new way to look at marketing“. The session introduced members to many innovative techniques relating to marketing strategy […]

Don’t Stand Up – Stand Out! by Phil Jesson

Many companies that claim to be “thought leaders” with a highly differentiated offering are nothing of the sort. A little scrutiny reveals that they are often “me-too” companies with a “we are one of many” and “we are no better or no worse than anyone else” message. So what is it that allows a company […]