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Learning how to Create a Successful Business in Turbulent Times – by Joe Adams

Nicholas Bate spoke to my Chief Executive Forum Group recently on: ‘Creating Astonishingly Successful Businesses in Turbulent Times‘ . This very professional workshop consisted of four modules: Module 1: what are the threats to our businesses over the next decade and what do we do about it? Module 2: the core success strategy for any […]

The real wizards of the business world? … Entrepreneurs – by Paul Hunting

‘To receive you must be active. You will receive in direct proportion to your strength of purpose, clarity of vision, steadiness of faith and depth of gratitude.’ – John-Roger I’ve been hunting all my life. For thirty years I’ve been pursuing my dreams disguised as a business person – but secretly practising alchemy. My role […]

Never mind Fantasy Football – what about a Fantasy Board? by Jo Haigh

If only it were possible to create a board of such dynamos so that nothing would be insurmountable, the impossible becomes completely possible… if only! I’ve heard it said that if two people on a board agree, one of them is unnecessary, that is not to say, of course, that one would want complete anarchy […]

Don’t wait for the life you want –

… if you do, you might just never get it David Thomas is an international speaker with vast experience who has spoken nearly 100 times to CEO groups. His sessions have consistently been voted as one of the best that Academy for Chief Executives groups have ever heard. In his article for the January newsletter […]

The Downturn Revisited – Preparing for Nessie

The economy has understandably been at the forefront of leaders for the last twelve months or so, and probably will be so in 2010. The economic situation is one of many subjects The Academy has experts on. For more visit Rohit Talwar is CEO of Fast Future. He is a Global futurist, award winning […]