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Unleash the Power of the Internet

Academy Group 16, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the Cumbrian area) recently heard SEO and internet marketing expert, Guy Levine (see Guy’s website at ) give a very interactive session on “unleashing the power of the internet”.

He explained how internet marketing is evolving and how understanding the way in which search engines work makes the difference between zero visibility and high visibility of a web site. Achieving the latter can put a commercial website at the top of a search engine’s list.

Guy gave Academy members valuable tips on their own company websites, and provided ideas as to how they could be developed to make them a more effective internet marketing tool.

The three main take-aways members gained were:

  • Decide what you want the website to do for you. Once you have decided the business result which you would most require, make sure every word and picture on the page drives people to take that action;
  • Take the sales process which works in your real business and apply it to you website. A website is not a place to just let visitors stroll around, they need to be taken through a series of steps;
  • Once you have your website converting, use the search engines to drive as much traffic as possible to the website; the key to this being the choice of keywords you use. Choose the words which are most likely to generate new business, not just impressive rankings!

Guy’s expertise and track record in internet marketing via effective websites is remarkable and he increased our understanding of this important topic.

Nick Jackson, Chairman Academy Group 16

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