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The Metaphor of Poker – Risk and Reward in Business

Members of The Academy for Chief Executives (from London and Scotland) recently had corporate speaker Caspar Berry talk to them about the analogies to be drawn between poker and business and the nature of risk and reward.

He spoke to chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group members about the business connection between an expert poker player and business decisions. Caspar is a highly qualified ‘high roller’ who has turned his attention to how his experiences in the world of poker can add value to Leaders.

His thinking was original and all the members felt that it added value to their fall back.

The three key points were:

  • It’s okay to make mistakes.
  • You should always calculate the gamble. (The difference between a gamble and a calculated risk was fully explored along with an understanding that luck is that which you cannot control.)
  • Short term failure leads to long term success. (A theme which comes through from many speakers is “have a long term goal or purpose”. Caspar discussed risk and reward related to achieving the long term goal.)

Caspar has a unique and challenging message that forces people to question many of the things they take for granted. He delivered powerful and pertinent messages about the way we think, particularly when it comes to risk-taking, communicating, decision-making and innovating.

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