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The key to profitable growth in good times and bad by Gordon Bromley

Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop

Countless Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) groups and members have lavished praise upon Roger Harrop over the last few years and Gordon Bromley’s Surrey CEO Forum Group proved no exception recently when Roger presented his workshop “Staying in the Helicopter®- the key to profitable growth in good times and bad“.

Roger of course is a very polished presenter who hones his material to perfection to suit the audience but what really places Roger in the top echelons of ACE speakers is the simple clarity with which he dispenses his wisdom and the excellent take-away value he leaves members with – straightforward advice and proven tools they can adapt and use immediately to understand the key drivers of success and failure and improve the way they lead and run their own business.

There were many highlight takeaways of which these three stood out for members on the day:

  • The critical importance of clearly working out the true PURPOSE of your business before developing appropriate vision and goals.
  • How essential it is for the MD/CEO to book regular time out in the diary to get away from the business and up into the helicopter to look at the big picture and maintain laser beam focus on the Purpose, Vision and Goals of the company.
  • The amazing power that compounding even modest % increases in key sales drivers like number of customers x average order value x order frequency can have to produce truly dramatic revenue growth from existing customers without needing heavy investment.

More than one member commented spontaneously that their monthly ACE meeting is their personal monthly helicopter ride and I couldn’t think of a better rationale for joining an external peer group than that!

Good business leaders, like you, often feel very alone. Running a business is tough. Key decision making, company direction, clarity of strategy, personal development; it’s a huge responsibility and it’s entirely yours. Little wonder you’re sometimes sleepless in the small hours or struggling to answer those really big questions.

Who can you turn to for totally impartial advice?

The above is an example of the type speaker session you could experience every month as a member of The Academy for Chief Executives. Find out more about our peer group learning organisation for CEOs, MDs and business leaders at

Alternatively, to find out more about the Surrey-based experiential business learning group, visit Gordon Bromley’s Academy Group 14 page.

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