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The Essential and Rewarding Task of Recruitment and Selection

Academy Groups 5 and 32, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning groups (with members from the Coventry area) recently heard recruitment expert, Peter Hills (see Peter’s website at ) on the essential and rewarding task of recruitment and selection.

Peter Hills, (pictured right), is co-founder of recruitment and selection company High Growth Limited and we came away with 5 top tips:

  1. The use of practical group exercises in Assessment Centre situations give so much more information about a candidates actual behavior when compared with the theory or observed behavior that they can talk about in normal interviews.
  2. When interviewing ask questions that they can’t have prepared for to see how they deal with unusual situations and process information – ie: “why are manhole covers round?”
  3. Give all applicants feedback after interviews – who knows, they might end-up working for a customer in the future.
  4. The Internet is now a much more rich source of candidates than newspaper advertisements – but the effectiveness of individual websites can change quite quickly, so don’t just rely on a favorite.
  5. Do just do a one-off Induction with new candidates – review it after 3-6 months and revisit any points which seem more relevant/unclear after they have their feet under the table.

Peter Pritchett, Chairman Academy Groups 5 & 32

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  1. There’s a novel idea for applicant interviews on this case study with an Academy member, Rob Anders of Anders Electronics. They ask all interviewees to construct a lego representation of what qualities they will bring to the team/company. Here’s the link to the article

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