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A few great people make one great business

By Andrew B Morris Whether you are running a large organisation or a very small one, the top team rule always applies. Look around the board room table at the people entrusted with making the company great and ask this simple question. “Are we making do with mediocrity? If so, why?” The answer is often […]

Is your team right for 2013?

By The Academy Team As 2013 begins and you look for ways to grow and develop your business, your people will be a critical area to get right. Do you have the right people in the right places and doing the right things to move the business forward or are they keeping you from moving […]

Top Team Tune-up

By Sue Firth Too often I begin a consultancy project only to find enthusiasm is not at fault but instead the process becomes derailed by the struggles the top team are having in agreeing the direction of the change; the strategy for it, or the speed of implementation. These issues are not only discussed at […]

5 Tips for Team Collaboration

From the 7 Racing Rules (see main article) by Alex Alley and Paula Reid Everyone shares, understands and buys in to the five unifying essentials at the heart of the organisation: the vision; mission; values; strategy; and goals. All of these should be clear; communicated effectively and repeatedly. An example in our case was that […]

What makes a great leader?

By Sue Knight “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but where they need to be.” Col de la Barriere. That name triggers memories of heat and pain. Mid bike tour we were pleased with ourselves after a long fast descent […]

Leading A Winning Team

By Giles Miskin My 21-year-old daughter started her first proper job last Monday and her text reply to my enquiry as to how the first day went was: “Really nice bunch (apart from one complete arse!)” This came as no surprise to me, as all the teams I’ve ever worked in or led, plus the […]

Never mind Fantasy Football – what about a Fantasy Board? by Jo Haigh

If only it were possible to create a board of such dynamos so that nothing would be insurmountable, the impossible becomes completely possible… if only! I’ve heard it said that if two people on a board agree, one of them is unnecessary, that is not to say, of course, that one would want complete anarchy […]