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Clearing the decks for Thought Leadership by Brian Chernett

When I think of thought leadership, I think of a guru or swami. They are very much of this world but able to detach and operate above the noise and clutter when they want to. I know that calling a CEO or entrepreneur a guru is not always welcomed but the process they can use […]

Don’t Stand Up – Stand Out! by Phil Jesson

Many companies that claim to be “thought leaders” with a highly differentiated offering are nothing of the sort. A little scrutiny reveals that they are often “me-too” companies with a “we are one of many” and “we are no better or no worse than anyone else” message. So what is it that allows a company […]

Roger Harrop teaches us how to ‘Stay in the Helicopter®’ – by Peter Sutcliffe

The North East Academy for Chief Executives, CEO Forum speaker in July was Roger Harrop who facilitated  an excellent workshop which illustrated the holistic view of what makes a successful business. He delivered some key pointers on where to improve operations and market effectiveness. Roger provided us with many very practical models which will undoubtedly […]