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Technology: the Great Leveller

– By Wayne Turmel As the leader of a small or medium enterprise looking to expand internationally, the questions never stop. Should you open offices and hire in areas you’re targeting, and how would you manage the people if you did? How can you visit all the potential customers in a profitable way that ensures building […]

It’s Time to be Sociable

By Euan Semple Use the word “social” in many business circles and the first reaction is “what has being social got to do with business”. Add the word “media” to it and Social Media brings to mind stories of youthful indiscretion on Facebook or businesses being mauled by angry customers on Twitter. Why on earth would […]

Social Networks Aren’t Just For Kids

Presidents Forum 532, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group recently had internet marketing expert Phil Calvert talk to them on how the new trends of social networking and “tweeting” are becoming relevant to business. Phil explains why ‘Social Networks aren’t just for kids’ – with a wealth of simple, practical, easy-to-implement tips, tricks and […]