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Improvisation and Presence by John Cremer

As an experienced performer and trainer I condense the underlying value of practicing improvisation to one word – presence. In order to improvise well one acquires and develops a specific set of skills. This set of skills greatly enhances personal effectiveness through an ever deepening level of presence in the here and now. When people […]

Taking a Risk – by Brian Chernett

Once you have your outcomes and goals clear, you move to taking action to achieve them. The most desirable outcomes often involve risks. Successful people take action wherever they are, whenever the opportunity arises. I can remember when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old and at a dance, sitting down but really wanting […]

Caspar Berry – Risk and Reward

Suddenly, as the world’s finances look increasingly precarious, “Risk” has become a subject very close to all our hearts. As a former professional poker player, living and working in Las Vegas, it was very close to Caspar Berry’s for about three years. Caspar Berry (pictured right) is a corporate speaker who held CEO members of […]