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The brain and decision making by Ian Moore

I will start by stating the obvious, we make decisions with our brains. But let us consider what our brains are for. They have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to help us survive and to that end they are highly effective decision making instruments. However in modern day situations, and especially in business, […]

Make Better Decisions by Ditching your “Default Alternative” – by Ian Moore

Our brains have developed over hundreds of thousands of years and our evolution has allowed it to make some decisions very rapidly. This development has a Catch 22 when it comes to making decisions. For survival purposes our brains have developed very useful mechanisms however these very mechanisms can cause real issues when making business […]

A lesson in memory skills and speed reading

David Thomas presented his ‘Memory Skills and Speed Reading’ workshop to members of SW London experiential business learning® group, Academy Group 14 recently. David is truly unique in what he does, how he does it and the way in which he delivers on his guaranteed promise to dramatically increase delegates reading speed and memory skills […]