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How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership by Brian Chernett

1. Leading from too far in front Some ‘visionary’ leaders believe that if they set off on a route march to the future, the rest of the team will follow and that those who are unable to do so are simply casualties of the process. What if the team genuinely have problems keeping up? … […]

High Performance Leadership – Unleashing the Hidden Advantage latent in your organisation

David Powell is an highly experienced speaker and former senior executive in the petro- industry sector and was a big success with members of my Chief Executive Forum, Academy Group 11 when he presented to them recently. He spoke enthusiastically and in great detail while at the same time writing on the easel and demonstrating […]

Questions Have More Power than Answers

Mark Fritz is an highly experienced international business man who brought great value to members of my Chief Executive Forum, Academy Group 11, when he presented to us recently. He was formerly a senior executive with Eastman Kodak and is now the head of his own company – Procedor – a training and management development […]

How to read someone before you shake hands

Academy Group 23, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the North East of England) were revisited by speaker John Cremer this month. John once again enthralled this group of business leaders, this time on a different topic – “Reading someone before you shake hands“. John (pictured, right) explained the different physical […]

Mind The (Generation) Gap

“Mind The Gap” is exactly what it says on the tin. Graeme Codrington‘s excellent session delivered to members of Academy Group 42 and LF9 recently was certainly thought provoking. It helped us to begin to identify exactly why Teenagers are indeed all Kevins! Graeme explained the different value sets that each generation have developed – […]

How to retain team members by meeting their needs

Shay McConnon gave chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group members (from William Waddington’s Exeter-based Academy Group 39) a very practical and powerful workshop on ‘How to retain team members by meeting their needs’. Shay was an extremely entertaining speaker who grabbed everyone’s attention immediately by opening the session with a magic trick! He divided […]

Ten Golden Rules for Persuading Others

We all need to be persuasive to get our points of view across effectively. But are there any ‘golden rules’? Here are ten, well proven. We probably knew them already – but do we always apply them? We all have to influence and persuade others, whether at work or at home, and most of us […]