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We are where we are – now what?

By The Academy Team At the end (or is it?) of a long period of recession and downturn, we are faced with the problem (or opportunity) of what we should do to develop and grow a business. The future is unknown and, possibly, unknowable. Yet, we probably feel that we should be doing something to […]

The Most Exciting of Times for Business

By Roger Harrop I believe that the times we’re in now are some of the most exciting for business – whether you’re a new start-up, the largest corporate in the world, or anything in-between! Everyday we are seeing all kinds of amazing new technology become available (often free), everyday there are new markets opening up […]

Keeping on Top of Things

By The Academy Team There are only so many hours in the day and when your business is growing there is an urgent task for every one of them and plenty more besides. In all the adrenalin rush of dealing with issues, problems and opportunities as they arise, it is sometimes hard to keep track […]

Raising Capital for your Business

By Bill Morrow, Founder Angels Den Raising capital for your business can take many different forms and it is important to secure the right funding for the right business. Your company size will affect which business funding solution is right for you, for example what works for an SME won’t necessarily work for a big […]

2013 – Business As (not) Usual?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer set out the growth expectations of the Office for Budget Responsibility in his recent Autumn Statement. From a slight contraction in the current year, growth is excepted to return gradually over the next few years against a backdrop of continuing austerity. Growth is expected to come from businesses like yours. […]

On your marks, get set, grow! Prepare for Recovery.

Darren Shirlaw of Shirlaws Global was one of our speakers at the recent RBS hosted Conference ‘Leading Growth’. Darren prepared his clients back in 2007 for the beginnings of a W shaped recession that would last ‘at least 5 years’. We are now in the second dip of that W. One of Darren’s key points of […]

Stimulating Business Growth – top down or bottom up? by Andy Coote

The Government is in the process of reducing the size of the public sector. In October central government learned of the cuts to be made in their budgets in the Public Spending Review. Earlier this week, local government in England found out how big the cuts to their budgets would be. The FT published a […]