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Values – The Post-it Way

– By Andrew B Morris Walk into most businesses and you’ll see a set of slick values stuck on a wall. Few notice them and most can’t recall their origin. Consultants charge fortunes to run endless workshops that are intend to arrive at a set of authentic values that capture an organisation’s DNA. Don’t’ bother […]

No Excuses

– By James M Kerr If a leader expects high standards from his or her team, then he or she must be held to the same standards. No excuses for bad behaviour or poor performance should be made or deemed acceptable. It’s a simple formula, but one that can transform if applied in an open […]

Bring Yourself to Work

By Andrew B Morris Fact: We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work. Fact: We tend to wear a mask at work and don’t show enough of our true selves. Fact: Distorting who we are, bending ourselves out of shape each working day, is extremely tiring and stressful. Fact: People can spot when […]

Get Authentic by Kevin Kelly

Research completed by Harvard psychology professors Nalini Ambady, Ph.D., and Robert Rosenthal, Ph.D. confirms our deepest suspicions – the time you’ve got to make an impact on either internal or external customer is reducing! Observers viewed three thin slices of each professor’s behaviour – in 10-second clips from the beginning, middle and end of a […]