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Spread the Passion virus through your Business – by Brian Chernett

Brian Chernett

Brian Chernett

Are you passionate about your business? Do you believe in what you’re doing and how you are going about it? If you are, that’s good, though there may be plenty of room for improvement. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, that is a problem that may need you to rethink your current situation and priorities.

For the purposes of this article, let us assume that you are passionate about what you do. Is that enough to drive a successful business forward?

Probably not. So, are you staff and extended team passionate about what you do? Do your customer facing people know what it is that the company stands for and what it is trying to provide for customer? How about the rest of the team? Does you bookkeeper know what the company is about and is he or she passionate about that? Are your cleaners passionate about cleaning in your business?

Perhaps they all are equally as passionate as you are – is that enough? What about your suppliers – do they understand why their performance matters to your business? And how about your customers?

Do your customers walk away from doing business with you and tell their friends what a great business you are or do they tell them why their next purchase will be from your competitor? Do you know what they really think?

Passion is contagious. It is a virus just wanting to spread given the right conditions. Are you giving it those conditions? Are you spreading the virus by word of mouth or simply keeping your mouth closed?

There is a virtuous spiral that develops when you share your passion (and your values) widely. Tell your team tell your suppliers and, above all, tell your customers what it is that matters to your business. You go into business for a reason. It certainly wasn’t to keep your passion to yourself.

Communicating the passion virus can lead to great improvements in your business performance.

Pass it on.

Brian Chernett is founder of The Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) – He has 43 years’ experience as managing director of private and public companies, including subsidiaries of Booker Bros McConnell, the Landmark Group, and several other major companies. Find out more at
The Academy community provides a great place to build your leadership skills and learn more about motivating and developing your people, and how to focus the top team for the good of your company.  As the leading providers of experiential learning, the purpose of the Academy is to inspire leaders to achieve their dreams by sharing and learning from real life experiences.

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