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Speaker Gems

  1. As a coach, if you are thinking of solutions you are in too deep (Sue Knight)
  2. Recruit for attitude and train for skills. Recruit slowly and fire quickly (Reg Athwal)
  3. A good leader can step on toes without messing up the shine (Sue Firth)
  4. Facilitation is not about doing something to another – it is about creating a space where magical things happen (Darren Rudkin)
  5. There is a difference between disloyalty and disruptive loyalty – sometimes people want the same things as us but want to achieve them in a different way (Graeme Codrington)
  6. When recruiting, remember that a pattern of past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour (Reg Athwal)
  7. Others won’t change unless we change first (Darren Rudkin)
  8. When you ask someone how they intend achieving their goals they reveal the type of leader they need you to be (Mark Fritz)
  9. Change management is about allowing the organisation to change before the environment forces change (Roger Harrop)
  10. Don’t comfort the afflicted – afflict the comfortable! (Nigel Risner)

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