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Perception and Risk: Climate Change

Academy Group 16, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the Cumbrian area) recently heard Adam Woodhall (see Adam’s website at ) give a very interactive session on perception and risk, entitled “Familiarity, Flukes, Fact and Future”.

The session started with raising awareness of the gulf between peoples’ perceptions and the actual, real risk of major changes – changes which will radically change not only the way we must operate as businesses, but also our everyday lives.

This was explained against the background of what is ‘normal’ and the unexpected risk that lurks unseen.

Adam’s presentation on climate change challenged perceptions and dispelled myths and misunderstandings whilst highlighting the sobering facts about climate change and global warming.

He clearly demonstrated the effects of global warming on ice fields and arctic ice melt – such as the 43% decrease in permanent arctic ice and the alarmingly rapid increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Adam also made comparisons between previous periods of ice ages and global warming and the present global warming as the CO2 concentration climbs to levels not seen for millions of years.

In addition, Adam highlighted the increased risk of coastal flooding and changing rainfall.

The session ended with members identifying what actions they could undertake to make their businesses more efficient and reduce costs.

A timely reminder of what we can do as businesses and individuals to combat climate change.

Nick Jackson, Chairman, Academy Group 16Nick Jackson, Chairman Academy Group 16

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