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Negotiating Better Deals

Jeremy ThornAcademy Group 5, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the Coventry area) worked with Jeremy Thorn recently on how to ‘negotiate better deals‘. It was a very valuable and enjoyable session – the role-play was a particularly powerful source of learning: it really drove home the power/necessity of aiming high in negotiating – and of making the first bid whenever possible. (See Jeremy’s website at

The main points that we all took away to implement in our businesses were:

  1. PREPARE before the negotiation (don’t just go along to “see what they have to say”.)
  2. AIM HIGH – deals often end up near the mid-point between the opening positions, so a tough opening moves the mid-point your way.
  3. “Never give Owt for Nowt”: always trade concessions.

Peter Pritchett, Chairman, Academy Group 5 An excellent session which the group really enjoyed and found very valuable. Absolutely recommended.

Peter Pritchett,
Chairman Academy Group 5

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