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Mind The (Generation) Gap

“Mind The Gap” is exactly what it says on the tin. Graeme Codrington‘s excellent session delivered to members of Academy Group 42 and LF9 recently was certainly thought provoking. It helped us to begin to identify exactly why Teenagers are indeed all Kevins! Graeme explained the different value sets that each generation have developed – often shaped by world events and changes during their childhood. He explained the preferred styles of communication for each generation and exactly why different generations can find it so hard to really co-exist in the same meeting, let alone the same office, or even within a family! Graeme highlights that Baby Boomers love to have meetings whilst Generation Xers prefer to text or email – no wonder we have communication breakdowns!

Graeme CodringtonGraeme (pictured, right) also imparted real insight into the motivators for Generation X and how this generation are addicted to choice and to change – just so long as it is change that they are in control of. This generation love to keep their CVs warm, and he explained that we should aim to be a good-looking brand on their CV. They keep ‘work’ in a box and will not become workaholics!

Graeme’s presentation really hit the spot for Academy for Chief Executives members. They identified some issues that they are currently facing involving a clash of ideas or difficulties of communication between two different generations within their workforce. The conversation ranged from tattoos to the new CEO of Microsoft to running better meetings. This richness and Graeme’s video clips provided an amusing but also poignant presentation which was very thought provoking.

Joanna Jesson, Chairman, Leaders Forum 9“Members would certainly invite him back for more.”

Joanna Jesson,
Chairman Leaders Forum 9

Phil Jesson, Chairman, Academy Group 42“It has not only helped with business issues but also helped to explain some differences of opinion within our family lives too.”

Phil Jesson,
Chairman Academy Group 42

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