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Maximising the Leader’s Energy

Academy Group 20, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from Leeds, York and Halifax) together with Academy Group 39 (with members from across the West Country ) recently had nutrition, health and environmental expert Patrick Holford talk to them about ‘How to Maximise the Leader’s Energy and Mental Performance’.

How you think and feel is directly affected by what you eat. This idea may seem strange, yet the fact is that eating the right food has been proven to boost IQ, improve your mood and emotional stability.

The health of the leader of an organisation is often overlooked, and this session helped members to focus on a number of key ways to improve their mental performance and energy

  • We found out how to raise the energy levels of the leader by balancing blood sugar
  • We discovered that key supplements necessary for boosting the energy of the leader are not always available in every-day diet
  • We were given tips on useful strategies for maintaining the health of the leader – such as combating health disease, cancer and even Alzheimer’s
  • Top tips for keeping the leader (and the entire workforce) healthy were: drink more water; eat more berries and seeds; drink less stimulants such as coffee; the GI diet is an excellent way to maintain energy – and an increase in energy levels increases performance!

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