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Maximising Performance as a Leader

Simon HazeldineSimon Hazeldine (pictured, right) presented his workshop “Performance Leadership” to members of new Surrey Academy Group 14, (an experiential business learning® group), recently.

This was a very good session from Simon, particularly on the diagnostic tools that can be used to evaluate a company’s level of organisational engagement and performance focus.  It was also a timely reminder of how critical it is for leaders to be visible, engaged with their people on both an emotional as well as intellectual level, and above all be a role model for the kind of behaviours the company requires of its people.

Key take-aways were:

  1. To achieve great results leaders cannot only focus on maximising staff performance – that must be coupled with strenuous efforts to engage all staff in the mission and objectives of the company.
  2. Focusing on staff engagement isn’t only about doing the right thing in the right way – engaged staff deliver better results, more satisfied customers, higher margins and ultimately higher net profits.
  3. Actively using the templates Simon provides for evaluating current scorecard against the Engagement drivers and and the Performance Focus factors will provide a solid base for developing the right action plan for individual businesses.
  4. Leaders must be role models

Gordon BromleySimon’s workshop provides a strong wake up call for all of us as leaders and is particularly strong on the realities of what is required to maximise performance and get real results consistently.

Gordon Bromley, Chairman – Academy Group 14 (centred in the Kingston area of South West London and Surrey)

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