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Making a Crisis Less of a Drama

At some point in our careers and as business leaders, turbulence will turn to crisis. That’s when our leadership skills are truly tested. Since it is well worth being wise before the event – planning how we would react to a crisis before one happens – here are some thoughts to help navigate a stormy period.

Andrew B Morris

Andrew B Morris

Tone and Pace need to be adapted to suite the situation.

Morale and Mood are boosted in direct proportion to honesty.

Be Visible, don’t hide.

Project calm, considered confidence, but not courage.

Keep a Log for the next time something like this happens.

Use Humour to break the tension but with care and in context.

Create a War Cabinet in extreme circumstances.

Assess the Worst Case Scenario – is this a bump or a crater?

Have a Road Map but be ready to course correct.

Communicate in bite sized chunks as too much might spook the horse.

Stay true to your Business Model as it’s not necessarily broken.

Stay true to your Values as this is where they really count.

Choose the Best Man for the job as it might not be you.


About Andrew Morris

Andrew is Chief Executive of the Academy for Chief Executives, helping businesses to accelerate growth through better leadership. As part of this role he chairs and mentors a group of exclusive central London Business Leaders in Academy Group 1.

Andrew describes himself as a creative businessman, who enjoys meeting people from all facets of life. His mantra is ‘take your job seriously, but not yourself.’

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