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Loss and Bereavement in the Workplace

Academy Group 1, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from North London and Hertfordshire) recently had had Ann Nye as its speaker on the subject of Bereavement and Loss.

For Managing Directors and business owners this might seem an unusual subject to cover but as she stated over 1.2 million people die or get divorced in the UK each year. As an employer you will come to experience it both first and second hand in the work place.

The key points about dealing with bereavement and loss in the workplace were …

  • You need to have some knowledge of how you can both deal with any type of loss or bereavement in the workplace, and also know where you might be able to go to get help. Ann works for Cruze, a charity specifically set up to help the bereaved, as well as being an Integrative Psychotherapist (

  • Company or HR policy often does not take suitable account of loss and bereavement in the workplace and can often exacerbate the situation for the employee and thus for the company.

  • As one Managing Director commented “I’d never really considered the implications of bereavement and loss in the workplace – the session opened my mind to areas previously shut.”

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Brian Chernett
The Academy for Chief Executives

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