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Learning Through Action – to Become a Better Leader

Leaders Forum 9, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the Herts, Beds, Bucks & London area) undertook some very real experiential learning during their Mid-Year Progress Review. We worked with Norman Carter, (pictured below), using a Learning Through Action process in a series of leadership and team exercises in the gardens of one of the members (see Norman’s website at

Norman CarterEach member led one exercise and received feedback on “What its like to be led by you”. This was related back to their mid-year achievements back in the workplace and their own individual leadership styles.

Many of the results of the exercises gave us very transferable lessons that we used during the Mid-Year Review and I know we will be able to refer back to at future meetings. One exercise clearly demonstrated that in order to achieve a bigger and better result, we must change our work process and methods; the same old process will not deliver improved results. This was extremely helpful to many members.

We used the OPERA technique to review all the exercises:


This worked really well too.

All in all, it was a great session, full of fun, laughter and learning, we solved problems, worked on our planning, communication and review skills and the session was voted a “9” (out of a possible 10), by our members.

Joanna Jesson, Chairman, Leaders Forum 9Joanna Jesson, Chairman Leaders Forum 9

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