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Knowledge of Human Archetypes Creates a Business Advantage

Leaders Forum 2 and Academy Group 19, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning groups (with members from Leicester / Northants / Coventry / Staffs / Notts and Greater Manchester / Cheshire and Merseyside respectively) recently had John Cremer talk to them about human archetypes, or “Reading Someone before you Shake Hands”.

During this session the group of CEOs and MDs learned that humanity is composed of seven basic “types”. They went into some depth to understand how these types differ in their approach to life and in their way of being and communicating with others. This has tremendous value in helping employers find the right job applicant and in many other business situations.

The members present gained:

  • An insight into what made themselves and others ‘tick’ – very useful when trying to recruit the right person for the job
  • Pointers on how to maximise their behaviour in any given business situation by reading the signs and language of the other person
  • New thoughts on political and international business systems

Members described this as an excellent session with much humour. John delivered his material with lots of intereaction and there was high energy in the room.

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