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How to read someone before you shake hands

Academy Group 23, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the North East of England) were revisited by speaker John Cremer this month. John once again enthralled this group of business leaders, this time on a different topic – “Reading someone before you shake hands“.

John CremerJohn (pictured, right) explained the different physical attributes, mannerisms and traits of various people in 6 broad types plus the in-betweens using many historical factors with great perception – part of an ancient stream of knowledge.

In summary, the session included the following experiential learning key points:-

  • Appreciating centuries of many varied historical factors that, through detailed analysis, can be used to categorise personality types,
  • How we can use this information to better understand ourselves and others and use it to our advantage in both business and personal life,
  • A greater understanding and compassion for oneself and others,
  • Learning a rapid yet penetrating assessment of interpersonal dynamics,
  • A deeper appreciation of your own and other people’s viewpoints and motivations,
  • Recognition of habitual patterns in business relationships and also personal lives/ families,
  • The ability to make an assessment of someone without carrying out a lengthy and/ or complex psychometric test,
  • Relating well known people in the public eye to the lessons learnt (with case studies),
  • A deeper understanding of how to interact with different types to yourself.

Peter Sutcliffe, Joint Chairman with Karen Humble, Academy Group 23Feedback from members included,

“Excellent speaker and very thought provoking”
“Will help with difficult situations”

Peter Sutcliffe,
Joint Chairman with Karen Humble, North East, Academy Group 23

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