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How to Model High Growth Organisations

Academy Group 23, chief executive mentoring and experiential learning group (with members from the North East of England) recently heard expert speaker Andy Todd (see Andy’s website at ), from Commercial Catalyst, specialists in advising and helping organisations achieve ‘high growth’.

Academy members learnt what the key characteristics of high growth organisations are and then, more importantly, which would be appropriate and practical to implement themselves to achieve similar dynamic results.

The Academy’s chief executive members were able to appreciate the high growth subtleties and techniques to maximise business potential – strategies for taking their products and services to the market, for example:-

  • the identification of ‘breakthrough’ clients/ customers,
  • having an effective B2B Proposition,
  • aim high/ globally,
  • potential to be first or second in their market,
  • total market size must exceed minimum of £300m sales p.a.,
  • the importance of generating revenue as quickly as possible to self finance,
  • it is crucial to have a disciplined and measured approach to business development,
  • add value and charge top quartile pricing,
  • be deal rather than product oriented,
  • crucial to be innovative / offer differentiation,
  • sell client their potential to achieve competitive advantage not cost saving,
  • base price on value given not cost or competition,
  • thought leadership of potential clients.

Peter Sutcliffe, Joint Chairman with Karen Humble, Academy Group 23Peter Sutcliffe,

Joint Chairman with Karen Humble, North East, Academy Group 23

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