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How to Get Your Bosses to Deliver on their Promises

The Academy for Chief Executives, a leading provider of experiential business learning® facilitates groups of CEOs and Managing Directors who meet together every month to network and take full advantage of experiential learning. Part of membership is ‘The Board You Could Never Afford‘® where members take their issues to the table and discuss with their peers.

The Academy’s Leaders Forums enable SMEs, owner-managers of smaller businesses, or key personnel in large corporates enjoy the same Academy learning experience.

I’d like to share with you an issue recently discussed, and the advice offered by fellow members:

How do I get my bosses to deliver on what they promise me?”

  • Must obtain in writing details of compensation and bonus plan from top CEOS and then get it signed.
  • Don’t wait until weeks later to try and clarify the compensation
  • Get it in writing “the faintest ink is better than the strongest memory”
  • Have an independent person represent you to their bosses who will highlight your true value to the organisation and come out with a better deal than you could have ever negotiated for yourself in the first place.

This is just a snippet of the advice given by our members. For confidentiality reasons we cannot divulge all of the advice provided – however, we do hold open meetings where guests are able to attend and experience for themselves the real power of ‘The Board You Could Never Afford’®.   To find out how you can take advantage of advice like this every month, visit

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