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Give yourself a fresh perspective – have an ‘Away Day’ by Tim Kidson

Tim Kidson

Tim Kidson

It is as if our day to day work is conducted inside an invisible bubble. All our thoughts, feelings and actions happen, and bounce back, inside this bubble.

We know this because we get the same feelings every time we think about that same difficult and still unresolved and people issue; we know it because when the thought of our new website design pops into our head we have the same sequence of thoughts playing out; we know it because we haven’t done the appraisals scheduled for last month.

It feels as if we are treading wet sand on all these things; just not making any progress on important business issues; we are just going round in circles. And the way to alter this vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle is simple. You have to get out of your normal working environment. It may be a weekend away with your partner; it may be taking the staff paint balling or it could be the senior team locked away in a hotel for a day of ‘blue sky’ thinking.

Now we are not claiming that just going away will resolve all the challenges you face, but what it certainly will do is give you a fresh perspective. We find this is the first step towards improved decisions.

Tim Kidson has been working as a partner in TKA for twenty five years. He is a speaker, coach, consultant and writer on the subject of using great relationships in the Boardroom and in organisations.  To find out more, visit his website at
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