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Getting the best out of your team following a re-structure

The Academy for Chief Executives, a leading provider of experiential business learning® facilitates groups of CEOs and Managing Directors who meet together every month to network and take full advantage of peer group learning. Part of membership involves members taking their issues to the table and discussing them with their peers.

At a recent meeting, one of the CEO members raised an issue regarding how to get the best out of the team following a significant re-organisation.

The member’s new deputy had agreed the new structure with the senior management team, and had executed it within a week, which he regarded as normal and it seems the team felt it was very fast. The head office felt the re-organisation had not been reviewed with them and one of the SMT had been relocated whilst on holiday!

After a lot of questions from the fellow Leaders in the group, to understand the nature and purpose of the new structure, the following advice given was:

  1. During this kind of change, communication is key and preferably before anyone’s work place is physically moved.
  2. People will get concerned during change and some will need a lot of support and reassurance.
  3. The deputy should put in place measurements with the team leaders, so that the efficiencies of the new structure can be measured.
  4. Consideration should be given to rewarding teams for performance over budget, but the rewards should be in non financial form.

This is just a snippet of the advice given by our members. For confidentiality reasons we cannot divulge all of the advice provided – however, we do hold open meetings where guests are able to attend and experience for themselves the real power of ‘The Board You Could Never Afford®’.

If you are an MD or CEO struggling to answer those really big questions, and feel you could benefit from this type of experiential businesslearning, call us today on 0845 118 1028 to find out more about membership, or visit

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