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Establishing KPIs for a company value system

At a recent meeting of experiential business learning® group, The Academy for Chief Executives, the issue of how to reinforce company values and establish a KPI that captures the key values and monitors how well they are being lived within the company was discussed.

A very interesting issue which generated a lively discussion from members of the group.

So, how do you establish KPIs for a company value system where the values are almost by definition ‘soft’ rather than ‘hard’ measurables?

Here’s just a snippet of the advice from the group of CEOs, Directors and business leaders …

  • Reduce the number of values under review, 12 is too many! Discuss with your management team which of the values underpin the others;
  • Take the time to get it right, establishing an unsuitable KPI can do more harm than good;
  • Ensure a discussion takes place with any senior managers who are not displaying your values. Establish exactly which behaviours you want to see and which behaviours you don’t as this is as important as choosing a KPI. Discussing the desired behaviours makes the values more tangible and promotes common understanding. Respect may mean very different things to two very different people;
  • Have the discussion on values leading to desired behaviours at the company induction session. As the company grows you need to work harder to maintain consistency and induction is a key time for establishing way of working and mutual expectations.

For confidentiality reasons we cannot divulge all of the advice provided by our members – however, we do hold open meetings where guests are able to attend and experience for themselves the real power of ‘The Board You Could Never Afford®’. To find out how you can take advantage of advice like this every month, visit

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