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Don’t wait for the life you want –

… if you do, you might just never get it
David Thomas is an international speaker with vast experience who has spoken nearly 100 times to CEO groups. His sessions have consistently been voted as one of the best that Academy for Chief Executives groups have ever heard. In his article for the January newsletter of The Academy on Fresh Business Thinking, David advised designing your own future. “I don’t believe in destiny, luck, fate or “que sera, sera”, he told us. “I don’t believe in spirits, souls, divine intervention, an overseeing force or angels stroking my hair so I can get a good night’s sleep.”

What he does believe in is his own ability to control every facet of his life and what happens in it. “That all the things that happen to me do so as a direct result of the actions I take.”

Accepting responsibility is the bedrock of all future success, he suggests, both personally and in business. “If you have a business that is going to the wall, it is not because of the economy, bad sales or because your staff don’t get your vision.”

Being proactive personal development on every level is also important. “Success is about taking absolute responsibility for our current position, putting aside all the BS excuses and moving forward towards our goals. Waiting for them to come to us is business suicide. When we do this and it works, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities as we truly understand that we are masters of our own destiny.”

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