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Developing an Unstoppable Mindset by Joe Adams

Joe Adams

Joe Adams

One of the CEO members of my experiential business learning group recommended that we invite along guest speaker Erick Rainey (pictured below). Erick is a very professional speaker and talked on the subject… “Get the Edge”.

We learned that Erick spent 21 years performing in theatre, circus and films, focusing exclusively on any and all types of nonverbal communication. He then turned 180 degrees and trained in hypnosis, Time Empowerment Techniques, Hawaiian Huna and NLP, using these techniques he confronted his worst fear – public speaking.  In this session Erick revealed powerful ideas concepts and techniques that can be used to develop an unstoppable mindset.

Erick Rainey

Erick Rainey

There were a lot of NLP tips and in this interactive session we learnt among other things:

  • How to establish rapport.
  • The power of the unconscious mind.
  • The value of fitness and establishing a time to reflect. i.e. “smell the flowers”.
  • The importance of self awareness/self discovery/self actualisation.
  • The importance of everyone needing a coach.
  • The “Good dog/bad dog” philosophy.
  • The power of deep breathing exercises and the effect on concentration.

Members of Academy for Chief Executives Group 11 were particularly enthusiastic at the “instant reply” session and came up with a number of other useful points.

Erick’s scored a high mark from my group of CEOs and business leaders – who are traditionally low scorers – but they really enjoyed his “no holds barred” and passionate workshop. Find out more about Erick at

Good business leaders, like you, often feel very alone. Running a business is tough. Key decision making, company direction, clarity of strategy, personal development; it’s a huge responsibility and it’s entirely yours. Little wonder you’re sometimes sleepless in the small hours or struggling to answer those really big questions.
Who can you turn to for totally impartial advice?
The above is an example of the type speaker session you could experience every month as a member of The Academy for Chief Executives. Find out more about our peer group learning organisation for CEOs, MDs and business leaders at
Alternatively, to find out more about the London-based experiential business learning group, visit Joe Adam’s Academy Group 11 page.

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