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Creating a Winning Mindset with Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

The North East Academy for Chief Executives‘ speaker in July was Steve Smith, UK high jump record holder and Olympic Bronze Medallist speaking on ”Creating a Winning Mindset

The Academy members not only gained a highly interesting and entertaining insight into the determination and planning needed to achieve Olympic standard but also how to relate such focus to business and personal life through experiential learning.

The workshop highlighted how, from a situation of failure, you can then achieve your goals through analysis of present position, to focus on end objectives and define a set of rules/ actions to achieve them to rigid timescales.

The key experiential learning points included:-

  • The importance of planning and focus,
  • Analysis of competition and your strengths,
  • How you can win the psychological battle in competition and with competitors,
  • Analysis of your own leadership skills,
  • Developing an action plan to help develop your own leadership and coaching skills.
Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe,
Joint Chairman with Karen Humble Academy for Chief Executives North East (Group 23)

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