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Changing The Groundhog Day

Jessica Richards was on top form when she returned to experiential business learning® group Leaders Forum 9 for the third time in 7 years.

Using her unique ‘Changing the Groundhog Day’ approach (different place, different people but the same situation again!), she helped group members achieve significant change in both their personal and professional lives.

Patterns of behaviour, which had been established as a result of situations long ago, were demonstrated to be no longer the required or desired behaviour pattern.

Members became more aware of both what they’ve been doing as well why they’d been following their behaviour patterns and this awareness has resulted in a now choice rich situation.

Jessica’s Groundhog Day is a belief changing experience, focusing on eliminating limiting beliefs which get in the way of leaders optimising their performance. Highly interactive with the added benefits of providing for everyone easily implementable relaxation processes, backed up with good supporting materials.

All members were very impressed with the refreshing and highly relaxing session.

Joanna Jesson, Chairman, Leaders Forum 9Joanna Jesson, Chairman Leaders Forum 9

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