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Taking Action on Thought Leadership by Brian Chernett

For the past four weeks, we have been looking at Thought Leadership from a number of angles. Thought Leadership reinforces your strategic direction and enables you to stand out from the crowd. As I discussed last week, delivery is still an important element to being selected. The best strategy in the world is useless unless […]

Thought Leaders – a variation on the term by Sue Knight

“Our object is to discover what you really want – it is not an easy task” The Potent Self – Moshe Feldenkrais “I must get the roof repaired before the winter sets in” was the first reply from a group to my invitation for examples of work and life goals. In thinking about the topic […]

Clearing the decks for Thought Leadership by Brian Chernett

When I think of thought leadership, I think of a guru or swami. They are very much of this world but able to detach and operate above the noise and clutter when they want to. I know that calling a CEO or entrepreneur a guru is not always welcomed but the process they can use […]

Academy Member sails over 9,000miles in the Clipper 09/10 Round the World Race

As ten Clipper Ventures race yachts sailed back into Hull on Saturday 17th July, marking the end of a 10month race around the world, Academy member (ACE 42) Peter Guttridge was on Clipper Qingdao, the 68ft Chinese sponsored yacht, with 16 crew mates and skipper. For Peter, Managing Director of a £10m T/O family engineering […]

Structure Your Meetings for Management and Motivation by Brian Chernett

I know a lot of Chief Executives who consider themselves to be good leaders but feel they could be better at managing and motivating their people. Like any other skill, managing key people well can be learned and through practice mastered. One technique for doing that, in my experience, makes a large difference. You probably […]

Don’t wait for the life you want –

… if you do, you might just never get it David Thomas is an international speaker with vast experience who has spoken nearly 100 times to CEO groups. His sessions have consistently been voted as one of the best that Academy for Chief Executives groups have ever heard. In his article for the January newsletter […]

The Impact and Influence of a Leader

Members of experiential business learning group, Directors Forum 9,  spent the day recently exploring their ‘Impact and Influence as a Leader’, including examining their indispensability factor to their organisation … We worked with Kate Atkin to explore our ‘EPL'; our ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS. Ethos being our business and personal credibility, built on our track […]

Visions and Legacies – Beyond Goal-Setting

Jessica Richards (pictured, right) is the most frequently booked Academy speaker of all time according to the summaries we receive on a monthly basis. Listening to one of her very interactive workshops and participating in it, members of Surrey-based Academy Group 11 completely understood why this is the case. Jessica is the epitome of professionalism […]