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Improve your bottom line – remove waste and pursue customer value

– By Academy Team Our third tip last month read “Regularly review what you do. Remove unprofitable or outdated activities. Think lean in all that you do.” In this article, I intend to put some substance behind that tip. Thinking lean isn’t just about eliminating waste in your business- though it will do that and […]

Doncaster Based Cleaning Firm Wins Top UK Business Award

A Doncaster commercial cleaning company, that dramatically increased its market share by putting a focus on customer service, has earned itself a prestigious UK industry award. Town fields-based Solutions 4 Cleaning saw sales turnover grow to just under £2m this year, despite a tough economic climate. The firm has won the national award for Excellence […]

The formula for a Successful Business by Gordon Bromley

If you’ve read Andrew Morris’s and Phil Shipperlee’s articles on the most important things in business, you may already have arrived at the conclusion that there’s no definitive correct answer as really successful businesses need much more than simply two or three key drivers. I’m almost with Andrew on his three but not quite and […]

The TWO Most Important Things in Business – by Phil Shipperlee, Managing Director, Performative plc

I  have two points that I would put at the top of my list of ‘the most important things in business’ …but before going into them, I would like to set the scene. Having spent much of the past 31 years’ starting and running my own businesses, my views are strongly influenced by the experiences […]

Top Ten Tips for Growing Your Business – by Andrew B Morris

IDEAS: Separate the ‘inventor’ from the implementation. The person behind the project is rarely effective at completing and finishing Prepare realistic ‘crawl-out costs’, revenue expectations and deadlines. You need to be ready to ruthlessly walk away if the idea doesn’t bear fruit. An aborted idea will reduce morale and confidence. So make sure you capture […]

The Two (Or Three) Most Important Things in Business – by Andrew B Morris

Creating and developing a successful business is the goal of every budding entrepreneur and for over 25 years Andrew B Morris has been doing just that; in his role as CEO of the Academy for Chief Executives he is often asked ‘what are the most important things in business’; in this article, Andrew reveals his […]

The everlasting moment… a Zen approach to beginnings and endings by Jayne Storey

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m an advocate of Eastern philosophy, both as an antidote to the sometimes treadmill-like existence of life in the Western world and as a compliment to the best of modern innovations in developing human potential. Much of my coaching, for athletes and business-people, involves helping clients to […]

The Beginning of the End of Blame by John Cremer

One highly valuable element of improvisation practice is the idea that it is impossible to do it wrong. This principle creates an environment that promotes creativity and invites risk taking. The essence of improvisation is that it embraces whatever takes place in the moment. An alert improviser will gleefully seize upon any anomaly, stumble or […]

Coaching, Mentoring and Personal Development by Jayne Storey

I’ve facilitated at a couple of Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) events recently, one being a two-day Annual Retreat and the other a monthly group meeting. At each event, the members were shown different ways to practise the ancient art of Meditation and shown how to incorporate this into a busy work schedule. On both […]

Seeking to be Better by Brian Chernett

In business, there is always something new to learn, something else to know and another experience to be gained. No matter how long you have been in business, no matter how high you have risen whilst doing so, finding business excellence is a journey that never ends. I’ve been in business for many years and, […]