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14 truths of motivation

– By Phil Jesson

Money motivates neither the best people nor the best in people.

Don’t be a karaoke leader. It’s better to be a first-rate version of yourself rather than a second-rate version of someone else.

People will deliver mediocre work if they are driven. But they’ll deliver exceptional work if they drive themselves!

Don’t ask people to do their best – ask them to do what they are best at (Lars Sjorgen).

The best management consultants in the business are the people already in the business – your people. All they need is to be “set free” and allowed to deliver.

Tim Gullickson may have a point: there is no such thing as “constructive criticism”. Try working with peoples’ strengths instead. Water the seeds and not the weeds!

At the end of the day, if you can’t change the people you must change the people!

Busyness is a sign of mediocrity. The busier you are, the more average you are likely to be. Stand back from it all and indulge in some quality thinking time.

There is a difference between “disloyalty” and disruptive loyalty. Don’t fear people who are “not like you.” All good teams are a collection of differences.

Organisations are the same. You are the difference! Your words will create their worlds. Leaders are dealers in hope and need to create powerful visions for the future so that people know what to hope for.

Key account management is a team sport. It is not about solo performances.

Unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning (Bill Gates).

Leadership is about instilling willing action – it is about commitment, not consent.

Try building “MAP”s for your people – a one page summary of their Measurables, the Actions they need to take and the Personal support they need.


Phil JessonPhil Jesson is a regular Academy speaker and an expert on partnerships with key accounts. His workshops juggle key themes such as: working as a partner not a supplier; standing out from competitors rather than standing up to them; being perceived as a value creator not a cost creator and becoming an expert in the customer’s world. He also provides a range of consultancy and coaching activities designed to convert his clients’ plans into a sustainable, In 2009 his book “Piranhas in the Bidet” was published and remained one of Amazon’s best sellers for many months.

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