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10 Speaker Gems for February

  1. Know where you are going. If there is a light mist in the pulpit there will be a heavy fog in the pew (Mark Fritz)
  2. Listen to your inner voice – what you say to yourself is just as important as what you say to others (Steve Smith)
  3. If presented with a difficult question, think ABC. Acknowledge, bridge and communicate what you intended to communicate (Michael Dodd)
  4. Marketing is no longer about what you say – it’s about what they say! (Grant Leboff)
  5. You are what you think about (Brian Mayne)
  6. Don’t just give people your values – connect with what they value                   (Graeme Codrington)
  7. Ninety per cent of the friction in daily life is caused by the wrong tone of voice     (Jane Gunn)
  8. Business is a lot like tennis – those who don’t serve well, lose! (Derek Williams)
  9. Take responsibility – remember the ten most important two-letter words of all time….if it is to be, it is up to me! (Phil Jesson)
  10. Good companies are never expensive even though they might charge a lot (Mike Wilkinson)

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